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3 Things You Can Do in October to Get Ready for NaNoWriMo (plus a special offer!)

October is upon us, the leaves are changing and falling. The nights are fast drawing in, there’s a chill in the air, and pumpkin spiced things are everywhere.

For self-published authors, the approach of winter is a VERY good feeling. Summer is typically a trying time for those of us who are checking our sales figures and hoping that our books take off. Our readers are outside, they’re playing in the water, they’re too busy to read.

But with winter approaching our readers start to come inside, settle next to a roaring fire, and open up their eReaders and tablets. Sales and page reads increase, incomes rise — and reviews begin to pour in. These coming months are a prime time to write, polish, and publish your book.

It’s no coincidence that in November many authors participate in NaNoWriMo. National Novel Writing Month is used as a powerful motivation for authors around the country — and indeed around the world — to sit down and actually pump out that book that has been knocking around in their minds over the summer.

Writing a full length novel in one month is a daunting task — but it can be done. If a full length novel is considered to be 50,000 words or more, then a commitment to writing at least 2,000 words per day will see you reach your goal.

At Beehive Book Design we are humbled by any author — especially new authors — who achieve this goal in one month and we are offering a special discount for anyone who wants to publish a NaNoWriMo book. More on that later.

If you have decided that you want to write your novel during November, then you should know that there are some things that you can do now, in October, to help you when you’re writing. Laying the groundwork this month can ensure that you’re not tearing your hair out next month.

  1. The most important step that you can take at this point — in the build-up to November, is to make your commitment to write your book. You should start to plot your calendar, with the understanding that you will need to put aside a solid chunk of your spare time and devote yourself to your project. Tell your family and friends what you’re going to be doing, ensure that they understand that you’re going to be busy for the month. Explain how important this is to you, ask for support and understanding. Start to put yourself into this mindset in October and November will be much smoother for you, and for everyone around you.
  2. In October, you should start to plot out your book. You don’t have to put this into words just yet, but play out the story in your mind. Meet your characters, give them a voice and a face. Let them exist in your mind and walk with them in their world. When you have a solid understanding of how they interact with each other, begin to slowly divide your story into chapters and scenes.
  3. Don’t stop reading! In fact, in October you should try to read more — and read with a critical eye. Think about how successful authors tell their stories and think about how you can improve.

But, don’t be hard on yourself and don’t beat yourself before you even start. When you start NaNoWriMo you’re in a race with one runner — you. Self doubt will be your toughest obstacle — use October to think about how you’ll overcome it when it strikes. Believe in yourself.

Writing can be a very lonely task, but here at Beehive Book Design we are here for you, every step of the way. During November we will make ourselves available to you — whether you need advice, motivation, or just someone to share ideas with. Our ears and email boxes are open to you, if you’re writing and need us, just contact us at And when you’re finished with your book, we’re here to help you publish with a special discount code! 

From the last week of November until the last week of December, use discount code NANOWRIMO for a 25% discount on all of our services.

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