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Guest Post on The Author Studio: The Subtle (But Common) Mistake That's Killing Your Book Sales

Excerpt from a guest blog we wrote for The Author Studio. Visit AuthorStudio to read the full blog. 

Have you ever heard this?

Self-publishing isn’t professional.

Anyone can self-publish a book.

You don’t have to have any skill.

Self-published authors aren’t real writers.

As self-published authors we can sometimes have an uphill climb to convince potential readers that our book is worth a look. Despite some high-profile self-published successes out there, there is still considerable stigma around self-publishing.

The beauty of self-publishing is how easy it is for any author to publish their work. But too often, we forget that just because anyone can do it, doesn’t mean anyone can do it well. Crafting your story takes skill and artistry. Most self-pub writers work very hard at that. Revising your story takes an expert eye. Smart self-pub writers bring on professional editors to critique and proofread their novel.

But packaging your book—meaning paying attention to the formatting of the eBook—also requires skill and attention to detail. Yet for many writers, it’s an afterthought. If the formatting of the book is wonky (broken links, strange fonts, missing chapters), a reader will end up frustrated (and leave a bad review). Even if a reader can’t articulate what’s wrong with a book, they can sense if something is wrong. And they’ll stop reading—even if they aren’t quite sure why.

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